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Clay Roof Tile

Our San Valle Clay Roof Tile line offers a wide range of clay roof tiles ranging from handmade – machine extruded. Choose from one of our many cool roof rated tiles that will improve the energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight and heat away from your roof. Our San Valle Clay products meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. With standard and light weight options available, we offer styles such as: 2-pc Mission, 2-pc Monarch, 1-pc S Tile, Roman Pans, Claymax. Hand-made exclusive options also available.

San valle clay , mission s tile $68 sq
San valle clay, two piece mission $150 sq
San valle clay , flat tile $300 sq
San valle clay, hand made 2pc $250 sq
San valle clay, reclaimed 2pc $900 sq
San valle clay, Light weight 2pc $500 sq