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Roof In A Bucket

Protect ROOF IN A BUCKET is White Elastomeric Roof Coating highly flexible to resists environmental changes that cause cracking and peeling. It expands and contracts to resist damage. ROOF IN A BUCKET provides exclusive UV-GUARD, which reflects the suns heat and destructive UV rays. This helps lowers interior and roof temperatures while lowering your electric bill. It adheres to the most common construction materials, such as concrete, galvanized sheets, fiber cement, bricks, wood, and ducts, among others. It can be applied on any type of construction such as: institutional buildings and housing, warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial and homes. Covers approximately 2-3 gallons per 100 sq. ft. depending on condition of surface.

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elastomeric white roof coating_roof in bucket

Black Shingle
White Shingle
White Shingle
Foam Roofing - Cool Roof Systems
Reflectance = 5%
Temperature = 180°F
Reflectance = 29%
Temperature = 157°F
Reflectance = 60%
Temperature = 128°F
Shingles with lighter/whiter color or roofing granules reflect the solar heat.

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