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Roll Roofing – Torch Down

One of the efficient ways in maintaining your roof is through Torch down Roofing. Torch down roofing is an excellent means of preventing moisture build-up, sparing you from regular roof maintenance fees. It has physical – chemical characteristics, providing resistance, durability, elasticity on high temperatures, while at low temperatures, it provides waterproofing, and it also creates resistance from the sun’s UV rays, as well as thermal shock.
The product is heat applied with a torch flame, and you can also use a glass base underlayment for added waterproofing. Applicable for residential and commercial roofs. If you’re budgeting, we offer seconds torch down so that you can save more. Also offered are traditional rolled roofing cap sheets and self-adhere peal seal roll roofing.

Torch Down 4.0MM, $49 rl
Peel seal $55 rl
Rolled Roofing $22 rl

Peel Seal Self Adhere Hickory Roofing material_Torch down

Peel Seal Self Adhere Hickory

Leatherback Torch Down Roofing material_Torch down

Leatherback Torch Down 4.0MM

Rolled Roofing Cap Sheet Roofing material_Torch down

Rolled Roofing Cap Sheet

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